“I was a member of the 2012 Los Angeles team and did not know what to expect when I first started this journey.  Working with Nikki Pederson Talent has been the best experience in the world! Nikki brings in great advisors to help prepare you for the competition.  As a participant, you need to be committed, open minded and listen to their advice.  I tried to take all the feedback and learn from it.  As a result, I was very successful when traveling with the team to Los Angeles and had several offers for representation.  Though I chose not to pursue a career in LA at this time, I am so grateful for the experiences and knowledge I gained throughout the process.   If you are looking into a way to get into the acting/modeling business, Nikki Pederson is the way to go!”Maddie Miller

“Our daughter was selected to be a part of the Nikki Pederson 2012 LA team.  Nikki not only prepares you for meeting with Agents and Casting Directors in LA,  but also becomes an excellent life coach and mentor to the participants.  She teaches the importance of commitment, hard work and believing in themselves.  She also brings in industry professionals that are just as committed to the growth of the participants. While our daughter chose not to move to LA at this time, these are the lessons she will carry with her for a lifetime in whatever field she decides to pursue.”Lane and Jennifer Miller

“If you ever question the amount you pay in the beginning, I am one to say that I don’t think there is a “$$” dollar amount you can put on what all you get out of this… it’s definitely all worth the money spent!  We never could have gone out on our own and get the experience, professional instruction and lasting friendships that we have made if we did it on our own or with anyone else in my eyes.  Need I say more… Nikki Pederson Talent is the very BEST!!” – Shelly Pendergraff

Nikki, thank you so much for believing in me. Because of this you build within me confidence and the courage to follow my dreams. My experience while training in Texas and attending Los Angeles was an unforgettable one! It really prepared me for this business. I’m very honored and humbled by the fact that I was part of your Nikki Pederson talent group in 2008. Your professionalism, positive attitude, and your winning smile made you the best director in my eyes. As I travel through the road to success I hope that our friendship will continue to be a long lasting one. Love you always.” – Virginia Anders

If you have dreams like I do of one day becoming a successful actor, then Nikki Pederson Talent is where you need to go to get started. When I first met Nikki at one of her Actors workshops she treated me like one of her own, like she had known me for years. She knows talent when she sees it and if she doesnt see it right away, she will make sure you learn everything you need to know to soon get it. She is such a special person and someone who I have grown to look up too in the past year. She has helped me get started in the world of acting and her kind words and belief in me really have motivated me to become not only a better actor but also a better person. I could go on for days talking about how wonderful and helpful she is. If you have dreams you want to pursue and the drive to make that happen, Nikki Pederson is who can get you there. I Love you so much Nikki !!!!” – Scott Jordan

Words cannot express how thankful we are for all your help in getting Summer prepared for the Los Angeles trip. The experience we had will forever be in our memories and dreams.  We now know so much more about the business and we felt that you did an excellent job in preparing us for this fantastic journey. Summer knows she has a lot of work to do, and she knows that the actors life is exactly what she dreams of having and plans to achieve. She definitely wants to continue on with this process. With the exposure she had, Summer knows her trophies, medals and awesome callbacks were an excellent start to her career. Nikki Pederson Talent definitely was a success and this success is due to your expertise and hard work. Without you, none of us could have achieved the awesome results in LA. I felt a real bonding with the two groups through this beautiful experience. We will be keeping in touch. Again, Nikki, thanks and whatever we can do to help you in any way, let us know.” – Margie Flowers

Nikki; you know Daniella really misses everyone & can’t stop talking about her experience in New York, but you should know that her most memorable moment is when you took her in your arms & comforted her. She says that when she becomes famous she will always tell that story. It’s funny because Daniella made me promise that I would never take her to “any other talent school other than you, because she knows God wants her to be with you.” Nikki again, I have always been fond of you since the day we met , but most of all the long loving lasting impression you left in my daughter’s heart at one of her lowest moments. Until then God bless you & always remember you have family down here. (a sister/friend in me & a newfound daughter in Daniella.)” – Theresa Rodriguez

The “Thank You” fairy is bringing you something but I’m not sure when it will arrive…it is being shipped from New York. Words can not express how much we appreciate your work with Hunter and patience with us. We know he has much more confidence from having gone through your program. Thank you. We had a BLAST!!!!!” – Karan Chavis

Inspiring, Marvelous, Terrific, and Absolutely grand are just four out of one million words that can describe this experience. After so much hard work and patience I made it here. My director is amazing I owe a lot to her. I learned some things that really made me understand some of the most important things of this business, also with the wonderful group we had I made some great friendships that will be very hard to let go of. My dream since I was little was to be a “movie star” yet I knew nothing about the real deal. Till I grew and learned more about it and grew to love everything about acting even more. This whole experience has made a mark in myself that will permanently stay forever.” – Erica Salazar

Nikki Pederson Talent rocks! Her program was an amazing experience! I can honestly say I learned a lot about myself and how I handle certain situations, what to do and not to do. It was a growth period for me and I really appreciate all Nikki did to help me through it.” – Lezli Bates

“NPT has been an experience far beyond the reach of my imagination. Our director, Nikki Pederson, told us we would come home different – more informed and confident, as well as knowing whether this path was the right one. She was right. The experiences and changes have been incredible for both my daughter and myself. Macy glowed with pride and confidence when she came out of her first competition saying, “I did it Mom, I did Really Good!” She had fun, fun, fun! We’ll be back next year!” – Lauree Martin, mother of Macy

In the small city of Roma, TX dreams of being in movies, on T.V. and on the cover of magazines is not typical. Many times I wandered into my childhood dreams of becoming a star. NPT has gotten me one imperative step closer to making my dreams of being a successful actress and model, a reality. You have been a great, caring and supportive instructor. Your readiness to teach, but yet listen and learn with us, only made me eager to go to class. Thanks to you, I felt more than ready to meet with Agents and Casting Directors and blow them away. It was really more than what I expected; it truly is a once in a lifetime experience. Apart from returning with awards under my belt, I was surrounded by some of the biggest names in the industry and learned so much from them. I was informed on the history of the business, how it works and how to get out there and face the industry head on. It was an intense, exciting and unforgettable week. I now know that throughout these few months I have grown so much as an actress, but most importantly as an individual. Nikki, I am ready to take the next path in life and in my career, and I want you to know that I’m taking with me everything that I learned from you as a friend and what I learned at the Nikki Pederson Talent Academy. A Million Thanks!!!!” – Karina Riojas

Nikki Pederson is one of the most impressive individuals we have met in this industry. Nikki has shown lots of patience and love while working with our 6 year old daughter. Nikki has helped our daughter prepare for this industry by helping her develop the self-confidence along with showing energy and lots of personality while performing in front of an audience. Something Nikki knew our daughter had in her all along. This has been the experience of a lifetime for our daughter Ashley Jones and she has enjoyed each and every moment she spent with Nikki Pederson Talent!” – Patrice Jones, mother of Ashley